"Call it Magic"
VIETTI Store Opening Party 15.9.2017 @ Domodossola - ITALY

Whether the event was created with actual magic or just with the sort of style we haven’t seen in years, the opening of the new Vietti store in Domodossola made a lasting impression that will likely echo in the hearts of Italian lovers of fashion for some time: playfulness and avant-garde combine to create a new way of experiencing fashion that is ready to delight and intrigue.
An event in the name of fun

Several Internet celebrities were there for the event on that 15th of September, such as @youthofparis, @amoureuxpeintre, @vidunja, @lucasanteramo, @homelessfits, @rozzydc, @ezcape, @maiknila and @jakehateley. They all celebrated the evening, helping to convey what has always been the Vietti family’s distinguishing trait, that is, creatively taking the provocative style of the most sought-after designers and combining that with the latest trends. "Call It Magic" took first-time visitors into its spell, fascinating with its new approach to fashion, and conveying the refreshing feeling that there is a new way to approach fashion design.
An eye on tradition

Fashion enthusiasts were able to view Vietti’s selection of their favourite brands, selected for those who choose to use the new store for their purchases: fashion houses such as Dior, Gucci, Prada and Givenchy adorn shop windows, and claim the heart of those for whom provocation is a lifestyle. There are also more contemporary brands, with younger spirit: Acne Studios, Off- White, Alyx, Junya Watanabe, "Pleasures", Stone Island Shadow Project, and many others, researched to expand and evolve what is on offer inside the Vietti store.

When circulating elegance becomes a mission

There is no doubt that the two young men behind this event, Andrea and Filippo Vietti envisaged Call It Magic as the first of many events that will inspire enthusiasts to experience fashion with a fresh approach. They did away with stereotypes, traditional shows and the monotony of in-store shopping, instead creating evenings where fun is key. Vietti comes through in a new reality and stands at the forefront, reverberating with the new.



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