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In the last few years there has been a real revolution in the fashion world. All that matters is having everything, now. All this at the expense of quality, research and originality. Even brands with a long heritage are conforming to this type of reality, designing collections anything but lasting and with a high turnover, made only for the commercialization. Fashion enthusiasts, an always younger audience, most of the times ignore the history of a brand, but want to own a piece at all costs.

VIETTI Shop is against this kind of fashion, especially because we believe that fashion is more than just a product. In our opinion it has also a cultural value. We support brands both with a long history and newly born, whose main characteristic isn’t just a big logo: product research, innovative technologies and authenticity it’s what we believe in. We look for cool, unique and new items, set to become part of the collective imagination, leaving a mark on the whole society. This is exactly why we decide to explore this concept of fashion from another point of view, with the protagonists of the industry.

Daniel Pacitti is very young but his style is forward thinking. Sneakers and tech garments are his favourite items. For him fashion isn’t about showing off a brand, he prefers labels that do research, designing high-quality items, which he mixes in super cool outfits (check his Instagram profile). We met Daniel to find out more about his aesthethic and his inspirations. Here’s what he told us.

1) Hi Daniel. For those who don’t know you, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m Dan, I’m 19, I’m from South London and I’m a creative, I guess. I’m into brands such as NeedlesStone IslandC.P. CompanyEngineered Garments e Stussy. I’m into Japanese streetwear more than Uk streetwear.

2) Authenticity / history / research / identity / innovation / quality: what do you think of these words?
I think they’re really important because a lot of brands at the moment are focused around big logos and whichever celebrity has been paid to wear it. People are slowly starting to appreciate and pay more attention to quality. That’s why I like Stone Island and Japanese brands because they’re all about quality but they also have a technical use.

3) What are the main features of your favourite brands?
My favourite brand is either Stone Island or Maharishi because they use crazy technology and they’re usually the first to create that technology. I’m a fan of Stone Island because it mixes fabrics, technology and design together really well. Massimo Osti is a big inspiration to me and that’s why I tend to only wear either pre 2000 Stone Island pieces which are designed by him or early 2000 pieces by Paul Harvey.

4) Fashion has been defined and inspired by design, history, and subcultures. In today’s culture of fast fashion and commercialization, the identity and details of production are becoming lost. What do you think about it? Where is fashion going?
I’m not one hundred percent sure where it’s going, but at the moment everything it’s focused around logos and whichever celebrity has worn it. There’s a big buzz around streetwear, brands like Supreme and Palace but I think that’s starting to die out. People are starting to pay more attention to quality and design and are being more experimental with how they dress and brands they purchase. It’s a tough time for young designers because there isn’t really anything else new that they can design that will have a big impact on the fashion scene because pretty much everything has already been done so for designers nowadays more than before, everything is about referencing.

5) Everyone remembers the era they grew up in, what were the defining fashion moments of your childhood?
Well I was into shoes before clothes, so just from playing football I liked to have the best football boots, the most colorful ones. And then from there I guess it kinda led into sneakers, and then from sneakers it led into trousers, and then T-shirts and hoodies. And that’s pretty much it.

6) Who are your favourite icons in music and movies if you have any? What inspires you?
Music-wise I’m into reggae. It doesn’t really inspire the way I dress but I just like reggae music because I’m quite relaxed and chilled out. I’m also a big fan of Mount Kimbie and old hip hop but there are too many names to say really. Films wise I’m a big fan of Tom Hardy, specifically films like Bronson. I also enjoy working with emerging musicians. At the moment I’m working closely with a rapper called Slowthai.

7) You also collaborated with Nike on the Dunk. Why did you choose this sneaker?
Well that was the shoe they asked us to do, but the Dunk is a signature sneakerhead shoe. It’s been collaborated on by numerous iconic brands and artists so it was an honour to be able to design one as well. It was a really interesting process in general because I learnt about the sampling process and which materials worked with others.

8) What’s your relationship with Instagram? You don’t seem addicted to it like many other young people.
When I have a photo I post it. I don’t like going out of my way to take a photo. I don’t really feel the need to post. I just post when I want to post. I have other accounts that I use, not just my main account. I have a private account where I post behind the scenes photos of people and projects I’m working on and just things in general that I see day to day.

9) So you started being passionate about fashion from an early age. What are your plans for the future? What are you going to do in fashion?
I have no idea. I’m just experimenting and seeing what I wanna do. From my experience, the music industry has a lot to offer and I’m really enjoying it at the moment, so we’ll see what happens. I just want to travel more and meet new people who I can draw inspiration from.

VIETTI Shop has been playing a leading role in the fashion world for more than 60 years. We saw with our own eyes how the industry has changed in the course of time, for better or for worse. Especially in the last ten years, our brands selection has evolved through an intense work of research, always guided by the principles that have been defining VIETTI’s DNA since 1952. With this project we want to communicate once again the idea of a high-quality reasoned fashion, which for us is essential.
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Video: @monsieur_simon
Photography: Elliot Jones

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